I have a lot of ideas for new apps, but no program experience. How can I get my apps developed?

I'm going to reiterate the sentiment expressed in the previous responses to this question.

Have you validated the idea? Have you spoken to people who could potentially used your product or service? If so, and you've decided it's a painful enough problem in a large enough market then you may be ready to invest in the time and effort in finding a developer.

My strong recommendation as a non technical founder 3x is that you should aim to bring someone onto the team and slice them an equity portion so that they're almost as invested as you are in solving this problem. I would then work with your developer to build out an MVP and begin to do user testing of your product. Throughout the process you should be speaking to potential customers, don't stop in the development phase. It's tempting to be excited about building something and place less emphasis on feedback but I highly recommend not doing that.

You want to have a technical member of your team to be able to act on user feedback actively without having to pay to change your features given that A) You won't nail it completely on the first go around and B)You're going to need to be adding features and testing constantly.

To find a developer I'd recommend looking on Angel List or Built in and finding people who are open to co-founding or side projects. You're going to need to present them something solid but it's doable.

Answered 4 years ago

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