I am looking for an angel investor or crowd funding company who would do a half hour Skype interview with me. I run courses for new natural skincare business entrepreneurs and they have some basic questions around getting investor ready.

Hi, I am entrepreneur-investor and to answer your question: The first would be to target in what market/industry is your startup going to be. Then once you have the market/industry and the region you are working. Try to reach and connect first with the Angels - VCs that are in your area & the marketplace they invest in. Once you have them identified, try to reach them politely on their Linkedin & AngelList profiles and if they reply to you and are interested send them your business deck. Another way is to attend if you can meetups of conferences of Entrepreneurs & Business Angels whether in your area or internationally and meet them in person. Hope this can help. If you want further help or support connect with me and we can have a call and guide you.

Answered 3 years ago

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