Excellent question to which you've gotten good advice. My role here is to help you with implementation. Here's what I'd suggest.

Take the particulars of the ideal client avatar you created (assuming you did) and use that as the basis for a local census search. You'll hire a quality researcher on Upwork to determine the zip codes surrounding you where your target resides. Now you know where your peeps live.

Think about that customer's journey. Who do they interact with or ask for help prior to reaching you, the physiotherapist. Another data search will identify those referral sources.

Next, you can either reach out personally with a call or hire an appointment setting to call and schedule get acquainted meetings with your referrals.

Investing a few hundred dollars in research that leads to aligned targets is very worthwhile. Using sites like Upwork to find talent allows you to leverage your time while still prospecting.

Not sure how to outsource? Check out my course, Outsourcing Made Easy for Entrepreneurs on Udemy.
Want step-by-step, specific advice? Sure! Let's jump on a call

Best wishes.

Answered 5 years ago

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