While it would have been ideal to work with a Promotional Strategist (Marketing & PR) before you opened, so that you came to market with a formal Launch Plan to make an initial splash, you want replicable systems now: ideally those that you can automate to work for you reliably and consistently on an ongoing basis.

Groupon tends to be the current replacement for local businesses putting out fliers (couldn't tell from your post whether that's what you want or don't want). It's friendly to a young budget, since they take a cut of the earnings rather than requiring payment up front.

I'm curious as to why a "Digital Marketing Strategy" seems to be something you are shying away from. That term represents a broad territory - with many possibilities - and shouldn't box you in to anything that is not your preference.

Regardless of which direction you take, you MUST have a strong, effective website as your main point of presence. People do their homework on you and your business online these days; if the site does not convey professionalism and credibility, they will go elsewhere.

Function is one thing → form (which grabs interest, prevents churn, and hopes to gain engagement, traction & conversion) is another. That occurs a with clear Brand Identity (far more than just a name & logo:

Read that article, and this one >>> Conversions: Your 8-Second Secret ( Then, let’s communicate further.

Oh, here's an extra Small Business Week perk: FREE blueprint to Boost Conversions with your STICKY Website! It's a super easy to digest & implement template designed specifically for quick use, big impact & effective results. →

Wishing you great success! Let me know how it goes...

Answered 5 years ago

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