Dont get in trap of getting busy versus generating appointments and turning these appointments to paying clients. Here is the whole path:

Digital marketing: you need to automate part of your process for consistency and saving time. Think of it this way, what can you do today to save yourself more time tomorrow? the more time you create for yourself, the more you can re-invest on something else in your business.

Automation Process: Facebook Ad --> Landing page (optin) -> Value video (15mn) --> book a strategy session

Phone call: after the automation process, the phone call comes with a define script to walk your prospect in their emotional journey to make the decision to work with you.

I use this method to help lawyers sell high ticket prices instead of selling their time per hour. The same method has been used for chiropractors, accountants, dentists... and it is working great. Just search the web.

Hope this clarify your question

Answered 5 years ago

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