I'm starting a small one man B2B lead generation service and gave a very basic name for my agency. The name is generic. I'm not crazy about it. Like General Electric or similar. But I can't think up a better name and I can't afford to hire someone to help me. Should I wait until I can think up a better name or just go with it, and I can change it later if I think up something better? I get hung up on names, but I don't know if customers will even care. How important is the name you give your agency? I don't want to use my own name because if I want to sell it later that makes it difficult.

Hello! This is a good question I think many go through the same phase when launching a business.
My first tip is don't use an acronym such as LGA or MVA for example, acronyms are not memorable. That's what you are looking for, memorable names. With that said, is also important not to get too hung up on a name because a name does not make the brand, although it can definitely help it.

What type of lead generation service are you planning on offering? Digital marketing/lead generation? If that's the case I would assume that you know that SEO plays a big role in lead generation and the linking is a huge factor so if you were to change names and domains later you need to expect to have to relink everything to stay consistent and not have any broken links. I wouldn't recommend waiting but I would try to plan out the phasing accordingly. Maybe consider using your name as the service name.

Answered 2 years ago

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