There are some excellent books available for introverts in sales. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues who later sent me notes of appreciation. A google search will yield lots of results. I do a lot of online training via webinars and consider it one of the best ways to soft-sell by leading with free high value education towards a sale at the end of the webinar. This can be a very effective sales approach for introverts. There aren't a lot of details in the question to know what you're selling and how you're currently doing it. The huge benefit of webinars is that you can practice like crazy both live and on your own, until you feel comfortable with it. If you would like to attend my upcoming free webinar to see my approach and format, I'm happy to send you a private invitation. Or we can hop on a call and I can go into more detail. Best wishes, Ruth

Answered 3 years ago

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