Hiya, I love this question. Let's talk about it! So from my sales trainer eyes, it highlights a little story you've been telling yourself...a common tale..."I can't be a good salesperson because I'm introverted."

Well the great news is this: that's just a story.

You can change that story whenever you wish.

I, with my massive authority as a trainer, published author on the topic, and various other chest-beating thunderclaps, will now tell you that introverts make excellent salespeople because they LISTEN.

(Or, if you don't need to hear it from any authority position, you're free to simply tell the truth to yourself: that YOU CAN be a fantastic salesperson, ethical and effective, just as you are. You don't need to be anyone else.)

Sales is NOT about fast-talking, "baffle 'em with BS", bamboozling prospects by continuously bowling them over.

Sales is about matchmaking. And someone who isn't talking can be listening, and listening well. Listening for that match. Listening for the prospect who's sharing their pain.

If you'd like to discuss an honest, ethical, and effective way of selling that is likely a great fit for you compared to the pushy, aggressive, features & benefits-based, super extrovert style of old, let me know.

Answered 3 years ago

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