I am a sole founder of a tech startup. I am lacking a structured financial plan in my pitch. My idea was selected for several accelerator programs' final stages, but there is a common theme in rejection feedback: Good product, huge potential, but lack of financial details. I am looking into hiring or outsourcing the CFO responsibilities for now until I find someone to join the team. Has anyone used any financial agency or consultancy to do the same? What should look I out for? What deliverables should I include in the scope? Or, should I just look for a CFO to join the team?

You want to prioritize your financial structure. It is apart of the foundation of your business and will cause a lot of harm if you aren't hands on about it. Yes- Get one-on-one help from a financial adviser or consultant. If you want to get a CFO, make sure they are are not just capable- but are committed to your company's success. Having a CFO long term will be likely be the best option.

Personally, I am currently assisting a friend of mine with her start up company and her lack of financial structure is a source of conflict. You cannot expect success without planning for it, it's a part of the bloodline for your business!

Answered 6 years ago

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