I'm trying to find unmet needs in this field, but so far spin in circles as there are a lot of blogs like nerdwallet, thesimpledollar, doing a good job. Yet, I get coaching clients online or in-presence that ask for help in simplifying their lives. My hypothesis are: people aren't aware of these blogs or don't make any effort to find them people aren't willing to truly discipline their life expenses people are resistant to change and uncommitted What is your take? And how can I carve out a niche for myself (I'm franco-american, so I'm looking at both US and French market opportunities)

I would encourage you to start showing up in this space with this passion you have. Forget about what others are doing. THEY are doing this because it is what they were impassioned to do, that are not doing it because of a need. Launching something like these sites is extremely difficult to do, so difficult that you would never get find the will to get this off the ground if you were being driven by a vacumn in a industry. This drive requires passion and a love for filling this need. So go and do what you dream - there are hundreds of people waiting to connect to that dream. I promise.

Answered 3 years ago

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