Anyone have advice on developing a testing strategy that covers realistic production scenarios? I find unit tests to be fast but not very realistic, and functional tests to be realistic but slow and brittle. Anyone have a happy medium? I'm working on a systems integration project and we're leaning on BDD with Selenium, but I'd rather know my options. Maybe a mix?

There are several options you can consider, some of them have been mentioned by other experts here. I have been helping startups for the past 10 years developing executable business and marketing plans as well software customization and applications development.

If you are paying for the premium access for example you are simply still only getting a tool that extends as far as your time and skill set allow. What you could do instead is also consider another development team whom you can partner with and allocate your budgets to them to do the testing while also providing you with their expertise in software development and customization for various interfaces they can run your tests as fix or provide direct solutions. Companies like for example can help you with services like that and maybe even fix any errors.

Answered 5 years ago

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