I am part of a travel agency, and we are currently working to build a field guide for one country. This guide will include every area and major city, with information about hotels, restaurants, major tourist destinations such as museums, monuments, etc. However, we are not sure how to approach the SEO for this section. One of the main questions we have is, keeping in mind that Google loves long, rich, high-quality pages of detailed information, we thought of combining certain areas that have less activities into one long page... problem is, that is not consistent with the rest of the structure of the fieldguide, and is not as logical to a real person... Also, we are wondering about on-page optimization. We know that H2 headers, bulleted lists of answers to questions, and good alt-tags are important. And of course, attention to mobile is imperative. But what other elements do we need for a really strong, information-rich country field guide that Google will love?

Do not forget to include a lot of photos and graphics, and be sure to tag each one appropriately. This is another important and useful strategy that is "rewarded" by Google.

Answered 3 years ago

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