As a senior software engineer (15+ years ) with many years of experience in sales, management, and engineering ( hacking), I'm feeling that It's the time to create my own thing, however I don't know if I should go the start-up way( saas solution, mobile app etc.) or to create an old fashion consulting business ( hire talents, collaborators, hustle to find clients ) where people hire me and my team to build products which felt more natural for me as this is what I've been doing since university. I don't know any co-founder yet and was not able to find a worth solving problem so far. However, I'm very very PASSIONATE about building businesses in the software industry as it matches my skills, experience, and education,

One is a SERVICE. Services sometimes have issues with profitability when scaling. You end up managing people and profit margins stay the same or decrease.

The other is a PRODUCT. Products generally scale better as the cost of product remains more or less the same (COGS).

Many people start consulting and build a product later.

You can also do a productized service which is a mix of both.

Answered 4 years ago

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