I wrote a blog post about turmeric and the health benefits. It consistently gets over 30k visitors per month with very little promotional spend. The engagement is high with and average of 5:25min spent on the page. I'd like to establish my own supplements brand but I suspect the margins may be thin. What are some sure fire ways of monetising the asset? And what style of offer would generate a healthy conversion?

I agree with Paul in that you want to find out what problem you can solve. With 30k visitors a week, you should be able to get sufficient responses over a couple of weeks.

I use HotJar to create surveys and polls.

Make sure you structure your survey to get a good understanding of what their specific interest in Turmeric is, if they have other relevant interests and what you can help them with.

You might find that it's not Turmeric, it's in fact weight loss or skin care or anti-inflammatory that they're interested in.

I would then create a content upgrade. That is create a checklist, a guide to Turmeric products or whatever you think may be of value.

Your content upgrade will be the entry-level hook you need to bring your audience into an automated workflow so you can nurture them to a sale.

LeadPages and Drip might be a good combo for you here. With LeadPages you can create a LeadBox as a pop-up on your blog post, asking for their name and email in return for the free upgrade.

With an integration with Drip, you can then email them your content upgrade immediately. This should be the first email in an automated workflow, where you follow up with 2-3 scheduled emails. This might include another link to a guide on Turmeric, weight loss, skincare, etc. Then another perhaps highlighting feedback or a comment from your blog post that demonstrates someone's specific success with Turmeric, etc. (This demonstrates social proof). Then the last email delivers a special offer for Turmeric or another product that you have signed up as an affiliate.

You have the traffic to test every step of this workflow well. After a month, test a different content upgrade to see if that drives more emails. Then test each email in the series to see if you get more opens/clicks. Then of course test different affiliate products (Both physical and digital).

Eventually, if you can maintain the high volume of traffic, you will quickly find a product at the end of the workflow that performs far greater than any other. Now, this is your chance to produce similar yourself, therefore cutting out the middle man. If it's a supplement then look at producing your own line. But it may be a course. Start testing so you can find out.

Answered 6 years ago

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