I wrote a blog post about turmeric and the health benefits. It consistently gets over 30k visitors per month with very little promotional spend. The engagement is high with and average of 5:25min spent on the page. I'd like to establish my own supplements brand but I suspect the margins may be thin. What are some sure fire ways of monetising the asset? And what style of offer would generate a healthy conversion?

Oh my. You are sitting on a gold mine.

3 easy ways to make money.

1. Sign up for Amazon affiliates. Find a highly relevant product (or products) related to your post. Pop them on the page and make some affiliate money.

2. Do a very similar thing as above but try Clickbank products instead of Amazon.

3. Do some manual deal making.

- Find some brands in this space and offer to feature their products in this post at a cost per month or as part of an affiliate deal.

If you're not quite ready to launch your supplements brand, why not add a "pre-register for my new supplement range" form on the page? You can start building up your email list using this post alone, so that when you're ready to eventually launch your supplements - you have a waiting audience.

Congrats on producing such a good post!

Answered 6 years ago

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