With the huge hype surrounding the chatbots, do you think now is the right time to launch a chatbot startup to develop bots for companies? in my region Whatsapp is the number one messaging app, after that comes Facebook, currently the most popular Chatbot platform is Facebook Messenger. I can get resources and developers and launch within just a few weeks, but it's the matter of validation for me more than launch. I have validated the ideas with some potential customers, some of them are into it and some are not. Do you recommend me to take the risk and lead? or I shall wait and launch a little bit late and focus on other things like AI and specific ideas for bots?

That's a bad gamble imo. What exactly do you mean with validated????

Validated to me usually means pre-sales. Literally, their money in your bank account before you risk any of your hard earned money and precious time, then there is much less risk to you and the fact they are prepared to kickstart your development is a strong validation signal...

Answered 3 years ago

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