I'm creating an “Intro to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology” talk to help educate family offices and traditional finance professionals about the risks and benefits of bitcoin and blockchain technology. I'm not a finance guy, so I'm curious what Qs people in this field have re BTC.

I have NO idea BUT...

Here's a couple of things I would do if I were in your position and trying to find out.

1. Look at the questions on Quora related to this topic.
2. Look at the questions and topics being discussed in LinkedIn groups.
3. Survey the people you intend to give your talk to before creating the talk.
4. Search for the topic using Twitter search and Facebook search.
5. Go to Amazon, search the words "Crytocurrency" etc. and see what books have recently been released about the topic.
6. Find a really popular website for finance professionals and ask to run a survey to their audience through their mailing list, website etc. re Bitcoin.

Use this survey info to inform your talk.

If I were to pick just one, I'd go with the last one.

Good luck with your talk.

Answered 6 years ago

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