How can I attract readers to my blog that specializes in tall menswear?

Let's first back up and define your target audience. Who exactly are these people? Where do they live, what languages do they speak, what are their ages, what are their style preferences, what are their values, who influences their buying decisions? Where do they hang out on social media? Have you ever surveyed them to find out what they want?

A blog should not be some "thing" that you simply throw out into cyberspace and hope for the best. It should integrate fully with the larger marketing scheme for your business. That means consistency with appearance, content, and personality.

If your target readers hang out on Facebook, so should you. If they like Twitter or Instagram, so should you. Social media is a great way to present your message and link back to your blog. Be selective on which media works best for you and create messages that will excite and incentivize receivers to take action.

Don't forget to add good photos and videos to these messages for extra punch.

Give first-time visitors a reason to stay, bookmark your URL, and return again. You don't want to lose them due to boring content, poor design, or navigation issues.

Your niche in tall menswear is a good one but a lot of competition is there too! I would be happy to hear your story and respond more effectively on a brief first call.

Answered 4 years ago

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