How can I attract readers to my blog that specializes in tall menswear?

My first question is "How do you monetize your blog?"

If you don't know, then there's not much I can do for you right now.

See, how you intend to monetize will drive the pre-qualification of readers. Meaning, who do you attract?

If you monetize by having a store section, or sponsorship by retailers who sell online (who either pay you for advertising space or give you affiliate payments for customers you send over), then you definitely want readers who have demonstrated a comfort zone with buying clothes online. Otherwise, why bother? It's a too-uphill battle. Sure, you can get the readers, but then they won't buy because sourcing clothes online makes them nervous.

If your blog gives them printable coupons they can walk into a physical retail store with, then you needn't worry about that. Though now, your concern is attracting readers who are local to these outlets. Nobody is going to drive 1000 miles to save 15% on a new suit.

You really need to understand what you want your readers to DO before you begin producing content and attracting visitors. Otherwise, you'll spend your resources on the wrong things.

Who do you partner with? What branding do you want? There's a huge difference between big and tall Men's Wearhouse and big and tall Versace.

This goes for any readers of this answer who are tempted to ask a question: please provide more information in your write-up. We're not mind readers. We can't look into a crystal ball and see your exact situation. Give us more to work with, so we can provide a more detailed answer. We want to help you. And to do that, we need to know about your situation. A single descriptor sentence is not enough.

Answered 4 years ago

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