What insights you need to close the deal? Do sales call prep document help? If yes, what to consider?

First of all, it's a 'prospect meeting', not a 'client meeting', if you haven't closed them yet.

Any system is better than no system.
"Flying by the seat of the pants" is a recipe for disaster.

Have a qualifying system. Do they need or want what you offer? Do they have a problem big enough to warrant your involvement in solving it (that's Budget)? Do they have a personality that you can work with? That's qualifying. That's what you should be doing in your prospect meeting.

If you limit yourself to a list of questions on a sheet of paper, you'll never cover everything. Have a consistent sales process. That'll guide you on what questions to ask in the meeting.

If your plan is to present your solution right away, you've goofed up.

Your system needs to give you feedback: why the sale advanced or died. And it's perfectly OK if it died--you just need to know why (not a fit on budget, for instance).

I teach a proven, ethical, consistent sales process. If you want to learn it, let's book a call.

Answered 4 years ago

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