I'm a UX Designer, based in Ukraine. I have experience with marketing strategy and developing customer experience. Recently I've got a commission on brand development. The client is not a corporation, but small local store/cafe/gym for cyclists. I have to come up with the creative brief, brand positioning, naming, branding and it's visual identity and afterward, guide the client through a decision-making process. Trademark checking is not included, just URL and Facebook checking. I guess I will need 30 days of work (4-5 hours a day), something about 120-150 hours. What will you recommend to choose: hourly rate or fixed price? Ordinarily, my rate for UX work is $14/hour. But branding and naming are not usual fields for me. Thank's for any advice!

Here's a tip- when putting your Agreement/Proposal together never say you will DELIVER a name. Word it so they understand they are paying for your CONSULTING on that. (What if they don't like the names?) You are being paid for what you are doing- "Name Consulting". I also add a clause that explains if a name is derived in the course of this project by any other person, you still get compensated for the consulting i.e., time, and ideas you put into it. (I feel like I am writing this too late- anyway-- good luck)

Answered 4 years ago

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