I'm looking to expand the lead generation funnels we create for chiropractors and wondering what success others have had with geo-location liking, commenting, following for local businesses.

Check the location of the offices close by to you and main sights in your cities (where tourists go)

Visit the profile of the people that posted something in that location, follow them and like 2 of their pictures. Of course, don’t follow and like people that post stuff that you merely evidently dislike.

The person that you’ve just followed and liked will receive a notification from you. Many times will say “Oh, what’s this restaurant that just liked my picture.”

A tourist might say: “Wow, this restaurant looks great on its profile, I’m free tonight I’ll go there to eat while I’m here.”

The people that work closeby are even better because their long-term value as a customer it’s much higher as if your service returns they’ll return, and possibly refer to other coworkers and friends.

Imagine you’re at work, hungry because you were in a hurry in the morning and you didn’t have breakfast, you go quickly on Instagram while you're sure your boss is not checking you, and see that the restaurant that you always pass by has just followed you and like your picture. The chance he will enter and eat at your please will be very high, or at least much higher!

My marketing agency can do this type of interaction every-day on your behalf so you can have more time servicing your clients, for any info just subscribe here and reply to my first email! I’ll be glad to give you a discounted price if you tell me you’ve just seen this answer on Quora.

Answered 4 years ago

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