Hello, I want to use such services as or But I heard that this services doesn't give good quality A have several questions: 1. Do you use such services? If so, what do you choose? 2. How you choose it? 3. What was the main problem of using such services? 4. If you didn't use it, tell me please why? 5. Will you use such services in future?

This is dependent on the product that you're working on.

We chose not to use any of these services for our own company (meal delivery service) when we operated. We made the decision because we valued the meaningful 1:1 conversations where:

- We knew who the person was
- We controlled the conversation/environment
- We could ask direct follow up questions

And more importantly, it was a true organic conversation. Finding and talking to users is an intimidating process (even more scary than say, building the product and all the technical workload behind that) - but it is a necessity for success in early-stage companies.

Talking to someone naturally and organically can bring about many tangents/threads/anecdotes that you can then pursue to figure out things like:

- Deeper underlying pain points
- Opportunities to build features for
- Production direction that you perhaps didn't consider before
- Validation of past theories about users
- Contradiction to previous theories

All these are hugely important.

In the beginning stages of user-testing and seeing what people think of your product, you absolutely should care about quality over quantity.

Answered 3 years ago

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