What would you do if want to run a start up in a country where start ups practically don't exist, Investment funds, VC's and Angel Investors are zero to none and nobody is brave enough to take a risk? Myself and my co-founders started our company G6 Solutions six months ago, taking the leap to run a start up and so far we've been through think and thick and I feel that the spirit is slowly dying by the month. We won some cash from Samsung last year and we invested all of it in the company but when everything is trying to take away what you have instead of helping you out it's really hard to keep any of it. I believe we have a good idea for a known problem concerning e-mail, but it seems like the world is pretty much against us every time we try to focus on it. We've boldly rebelled against becoming another outsource company (which every other IT company here is) to ironically having to outsource to survive. So yea I'd love to hear your opinion or advice.

Location matters not - if you've got a great concept persist. And use all the online channels you can to integrate with the startup world for support

Answered 8 years ago

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