I've started a monthly service where I will post basic content to someones Facebook & Twitter everyday for $299/month. This includes photos and hashtags. For this low price I will only post a few sentences, a link, and some hashtags to the clients social media account everyday, so they get 14 posts a week, 60 posts a month pretty much. If the client wants more content posted and wants more platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, I charge more. But FB & TW is the base. I dont know how I get clients. Do I just take my business cards and go door to door to businesses? I'm a beginner so I dont feel comfortable giving seminars and speaking in front of people. Im also an interovert. I just want to sit behind a desk and make my posts, but I dont know how to make it happen. thanks for any feedback. ps - Is it a good idea to find a sales people and say "Ill pay you $100 for every client you bring me?"


I think that this a problem that can easily be worked around to suit your skills. I myself, am also sort of an introvert. For finding new clients, I have always found that going online and finding businesses that I would want to have as clients, has worked for me the best.

After learning more about their business, you can 'cold email' them. I have found that this a good approach for me because I can effectively lay out my service to the potential client and it allows them to respond to me on their own time; whereas forcing them to accept a cold call. The same approach can work by finding social media accounts for businesses that are lacking and then Tweeting/Messaging them about your business and how it can benefit them.

I believe that offering someone a reward for finding clients for you is a viable option, but I think that you can still be an introvert and be successful in finding clients.

I hope that these were some options that you will consider, if you have not already. If I can help in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Answered 4 years ago

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