Our questions are followings; Biggest cost of our package is insulated box liner and ice packs. Do you know any company who offers better pricing? How do you usually source package company? Do you have list of the company or certain website you usually check? We are preparing to launch mealkit specifically focusing on Japanese Ramen. Kit includes fresh noodles, soup, toppings, and recipe card just like BlueApron. We are located in San Francisco, CA. Currently we are using following companies for package but we figured that containers are way too expensive. Please see URL below for detail;

I always start by listing out what my packaging must do. Yours looks like thermal insulation, cooling, protecting the food in travel, expressing your brand, and perhaps presenting your food.

The ice feels expensive, is it dry ice? Would you consider having a return program, where you can reuse the ice.

But to answer your question directly, I prefer having my network do the vetting for me. Failing that, Google has been a friend.

Answered 3 years ago

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