I’m Presentation Designer with the main focus on Pitch Decks (investor decks) working on a freelance basis. My prime source for finding new clients was Upwork, but recently I’ve decided to “quit it”. So I’ve created a personal website with landing page where I describe and show samples of my service. Now, the question is how do I promote my website to find new clients?=). I’m thinking about Paid Ad and perhaps Medium (want to write a few interesting articles on pitch deck design). Do you think writing cold emails directly to venture funds and startup incubators can also help?

I'd recommend a lean approach. Do not pay anything for advertising until you leverage your network and learn how to organically grow your potential clients through common social media platforms like Facebook. Once you've organically attracted leads to your landing page through your personal brand influence (often involving posts, ideas, lifestyle, project stories, and overall brand story) you can leverage your strengths into advertising campaigns that will have a higher success rate for converting leads (around your strengths). Where and how to advertise is the next question. The first question is, what makes your value proposition special enough that you can earn business from your service and sustain organic growth? The second question is how to extend your marketing into a strategy that involves greater risk to pickup greater work.

Answered 4 years ago

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