I’m Presentation Designer with the main focus on Pitch Decks (investor decks) working on a freelance basis. My prime source for finding new clients was Upwork, but recently I’ve decided to “quit it”. So I’ve created a personal website with landing page where I describe and show samples of my service. Now, the question is how do I promote my website to find new clients?=). I’m thinking about Paid Ad and perhaps Medium (want to write a few interesting articles on pitch deck design). Do you think writing cold emails directly to venture funds and startup incubators can also help?

First, I would do some keyword analysis on Google Adwords and see which keywords people are using to search for info on pitch decks.

Create a slideshare showing your pitch deck design process along with a couple of samples for current or past clients and include a testimonial for each. Optimize your slideshare page for the keywords you found on the Google keyword tool. Then head over to the Hoth linkbuilding service and buy their cheapest service to post links back to your slideshare url.

Also create a Youtube channel and take your slideshare and make a video out of it. Optimize the video for the same keywords and buy links to point to that as well. Cross link the youtube and the slideshare pages.

Do a search on LinkedIn for "entrepreneuer" and send out a few inmails to offer your service. Post an article on LinkedIn about your service. Post on Medium. Post here on Clarity. These are all venues that will have the people who most need your service.

Answered 4 years ago

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