I'm a psychological personality type enthusiast with passion to help people through knowing their unconscious behaviour and turning it into conscious decisions. I'm an unfinished business and management bachelor who found "his way" in helping people through getting to know themselves and others better in order to be able to take conscious and responsibile decisions for their lifes. To help them uncover their barriers and help them overcome them. Also I'm a passionate young man with strong urge to help the world evolve the "right" way through helping people. I'm a finishing student who wants to fight his way through the sharp business world and bring and spread life values and humanity to it.

I want you to read the following questions between you and yourself, and you can read them aloud if you want, but before you move from one question to the next you must have completed the answer to the previous question:

1- What is the problem?

2- What caused it?

3- Why couldn't you solve it?

4- How can you overcome the solution to your problem?

5- What would you like to change?

6- When will you stop her from being restricted to you?

7- How much do you know you find solutions to?

I am sure that you have begun to change, God Almighty now, for the better, and that you are beginning to see things with another view.
Now that I have completed this exercise, I would like to do the following:

1- Be inside your head a picture of yourself dealing with a person in the near future, and now how do you see it, is it medium or large?

2- Do you see any distortions in the picture instead of the organic completion that you are now, note anything negative in what you see, and immediately transform it into a positive (edit its content) simply by thinking about positive things or aspects in what you see, for example if you see in the picture You are afraid to meet and interact with people, or you lack a sense of confidence (edit the content) so that you are confident in yourself. Bug in dealing with people brave.

3- Now, leave this shape and the image you see for yourself to become large, clear, three-dimensional, moving colored with your best colors, add the sound you love and the echo and tone that helps you to make the sound more powerful, attractive and more loving and closer to your heart.

4- Now with all awareness I want you to compare between: What is the difference and the difference that you feel when you compare the self-image that came to your mind in the first step, and that you have now after the first amendment and the second amendment? God bless

Answered 6 months ago

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