Each time I want to start a business, I feel excited in the beginning but when I think about sales, I feel overwhelmed and I bail out I'm a software engineer with full time job, I identify a business opportunity, I do all the planning, I create business model canvas / plan in few days, I do all the planning following lean approach , set a schedule etc. I know my ideal customer and market, briefly all the theory is done, but when it comes to taking actions, talking to people and get some clients on the phone, I feel overwhelmed, and afraid to get out of my comfort zone I end up dropping the ball quickly and the idea falls in the cracks.

Success is definitely not in the comfort zone ("Just three years ago I was showering at the Y and sleeping on the office floor." - Elon Musk*).

Trust me, you'll get much more motivated by your dreams in life than by starting a business ("There are 62 MacLarens in the world and I WILL own one." - Elon Musk*).

First things first! What are YOUR dreams in life?


Answered 5 years ago

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