Each time I want to start a business, I feel excited in the beginning but when I think about sales, I feel overwhelmed and I bail out I'm a software engineer with full time job, I identify a business opportunity, I do all the planning, I create business model canvas / plan in few days, I do all the planning following lean approach , set a schedule etc. I know my ideal customer and market, briefly all the theory is done, but when it comes to taking actions, talking to people and get some clients on the phone, I feel overwhelmed, and afraid to get out of my comfort zone I end up dropping the ball quickly and the idea falls in the cracks.

Sounds like you're going against the grain of your own personality. If you recoil from sales (as I myself do by nature) or you're risk-averse, unwilling to take the plunge, then you've only got 3 options:

(1) Force yourself to do what makes you uncomfortable and which you're probably not good at;

(2) Stop wasting time daydreaming about startup projects you'll never bring to market;

(3) Partner with someone whose skill set and personality complements yours – someone who's comfortable selling the idea you're more comfortable building.

Not knowing you or your project at all, I can't really advise you. But if I were you, I'd look into option #3.

Answered 6 years ago

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