Our sales team and managers have MBO's and commissions to drive goals. How can we improve the performance of our non-metric related employees? Are there certain metrics you track and reward them on? Any ideas would be helpful. We are always having contests and fun rewards for our sales team and feel that the rest of our employees and some of the hardest workers get overlooked.

Both team and individual accomplishments need to be vitally recognized.

Contests and rewards are great. But have you recognized things on an individual level? Your sales manager maybe would like some PTO to do volunteer work while your star sales agent is really passionate about a hobby (which you demonstrate by say, giving them an appropriate gift card after a particularly big sale.)

Fostering companionship over competition can go a long way as well so you don't have people feeling bubbling resentment over that one goldmine territory/client/etc. This is why your employees still need to be rewarded on team efforts when times are good-- so there's no impression of playing favorites.

Balance is key.

Answered 3 years ago

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