How can I get a Facebook marketing internship or work for free so I can learn as a 40-something? I'm new to marketing but I have studied Facebook marketing and advertising and now practicing by making ads and seeing the results. I've written to a handful of few companies asking for internships and none of them write me back. I'm 40-something years old and not in school, I think my age and lack of experience puts companies off. I would work for free for a few months to gain good experience. Any advice to get my foot in the door? Any door.

Your approach should be the same as any (younger) person. No discrimination.

Three simple steps outlined in this blog post

Yes I can help you get an internship

1. Learn how to write a formal business letter. Use proper sentences, punctuation and grammar. Capital letters for your name are important if you want to be taken seriously.
2. Do some research first on the business you are approaching. In your letter explain what you would hope to learn from the company and what you think you could contribute to them. Remember an internship is not one-way. So can you teach me? Your letter needs to be a sales pitch for YOU.
3. Read articles from our blog archive about Interns they will help you understand what Creative Agency Secrets teaches its interns.

Answered 4 years ago

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