How can I get a Facebook marketing internship or work for free so I can learn as a 40-something? I'm new to marketing but I have studied Facebook marketing and advertising and now practicing by making ads and seeing the results. I've written to a handful of few companies asking for internships and none of them write me back. I'm 40-something years old and not in school, I think my age and lack of experience puts companies off. I would work for free for a few months to gain good experience. Any advice to get my foot in the door? Any door.

Where you located? If you're in Los Angeles, I'm always on the lookout for rising talent and people that want to be the best. Age has no effect on who I hire. Rather a desire to be the best, learn quickly and implement fast.

Another option would be to complete the Facebook Blueprint certification program and then offer your services on Upwork. There are a lot of people that don't want to pay for an expert but just need someone to help them at a lower price. That is a great opportunity to learn while someone else is paying.

Answered 4 years ago

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