It's a serious question. If you were starting today, what strategy would you take?

A fantastic business lesson that I learned early on was "If you want better answers... Ask better questions."

So in the spirit of that lesson:
If your question is a serious one and you want a serious and helpful answer the you need to be more specific.

Consider the following to develop a better question:

1. WHO will be making the money - me or you? Your initial question is about YOU. Your subsequent question asks what strategy I would take. These are 2 different questions. Pick one as the focus of your question.

2. The next question is: In what time frame? How fast do you want/need the money?

3. Is this a lump sum that comes at the end of the effort? Or is it accumulated along the way?

4. Is that million before or after taxes?

5. Is this million gross or net? In other words - how much of it do you intend to keep for yourself?

6. How much investment capital do you have to start with?

7. How much time do you have to dedicate to making your million?

8. What other resources (i.e. aside from investment capital and time) do you have at your disposal?

There are surely more ways to refine your question... My hope is that this serves as a good starting point for you.

Best of luck to you!

Answered 6 years ago

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