It's a serious question. If you were starting today, what strategy would you take?

Thinking big is necessary but it also need courses of action for actualisation. Understand that you will not make a million dollars overnight, no one has ever done that. There are things you have to realise to accrue yourself such money you want which are viz:
• Business Idea: a thought or notion that may or may not meet an opportunity criteria.
• Business Plan: how to get results and improve your business.
• Feasibility Study: ascertain a good chance of making profit.
Since money is not made from nothing, you can choose from the suggested ideas below to make dough.
1. Engineering/ Mechanical Skills
2. Food Production, e.g, rice production, cassava flakes etc.
3. Textile production
4. Soap/Cosmetic Production
5.Book Publishing.
You don't need to start great to be great, but you can start small to be very great. Take one step at a time.
For more questions please call me. Thank you.

Answered a year ago

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