It's a serious question. If you were starting today, what strategy would you take?

Hi I'm Alfred Erickson,

Strategy I would use would be the same strategy
I used the first time... get it like a savage! LOL

It's one of those answers where it's simple but
not simple...

1) Identify A Market That Has A "Bleeding Neck" need
(Or whatever the kids call it thee days)

2) Makes sure its a typically HIGH Volume Market
(Fitness, Weight-Loss, Make Money, Etc)

3) Make a good enough product to start.

4) Immerse Yourself and Market and Sell The Product

Then all of a sudden you have a $1M within a 6 months.

(Obviously exaggerating about the workload.)
But not the 6 months.

Bonus Tip:
Find the right business partner.
You can't do it alone. Probably end up
depressed if you do.

But I Just Met You.. And This Is Crazy...
But Here's My Number.. So Call Me Maybe

Answered a year ago

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