I think all of these answers offer a lot of value, but I have another perspective - what if you thought about spend in terms of time, not money? I wrote a blog post on the blog earlier this year talking about the types of equity you can spend - time, money, talent.

Instead of thinking about how much money you can or should spend, think about what you can do that costs little money, but might take more talent or time.

In the online marketing world, this is mostly around content. You can do any of the following for free (or cheap) monetarily:
- videos, both product and educational (like Moz's Whiteboard Fridays);
- guest blog content, starting on websites of people you know then using that to get into other websites;
- sponsor local meetups in your area to gain hometown name recognition and users;
- use services like Clarity to showcase your expert knowledge in your area.

These are a few areas that you can invest in. If you want some more ideas, feel free to contact me!

Answered 8 years ago

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