I Iike brainstorming and coming up with ideas, working with slogans and logo ideas. But unsure on what type of business I should start? I was thinking about consulting but please advise.

In my opinion, I would start with an internal audit first.
What are my interests or hobbies?
What group do I hang out with the most?
What industry or niche do I know the most about?
What are my resources?
Who do I want to serve?

Ideas and logos are easy. But they don't make a business.

You need to find a niche of people, discover their pain points, develop a solution to those pain points and then go sell it to that niche. The type of solution combined with the specific market niche you're after will determine the vehicles you use to reach them and deliver the solution.

Conducting the internal audit first will direct you into something you care for and will give you the fuel to carry on later when shit gets hard.

Answered 4 years ago

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