I am successful as an Analytics consultant. I'm conservative but not so social. I'm a dreamer and see opportunity in everything around me, but O bet on those which I have great probability of success. I have taken the risk of quitting my job and invested in one of my ideas. I then realized the partner I chose ( a classmate of mine) is not upto my expectation and suffered as I have to hustle alone and his skills/willingness no where near to the business demand. After 1 year I am still in business (loss making) but able to take him out, now in dielamma who can I trust on? After this experience, I am weary of sharing the responsibilities of running this company. I'm seeking advice on choosing right partner / steps...Thanks for your time

One of the most toxic ways early stage companies fail is picking bad co-founders.

Building a business is hard, and if you expect to ever make it anywhere worth mentioning, you're going to need help. Anything past a cute business that makes you a couple hundred bucks a month is going to have more work than you think.

There is simply too much to do alone.

My suggestion: Do your best to find someone you can work with. The best business leaders find ways to bring in diversity of thought. Assemble your team to fill in your gaps. If you think you have none, you're being dishonest with yourself.

Take your time with the search. Picking a bad co-founder will take you nowhere fast, like you've seen. Start with Angellist, ask a lot of questions.

Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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