I am an advertising entrepreneur running my own studio the last 4 years. We hit $1,00,000 last year. Now I would like to dab my hands in the tech space - a mobile app. I have an idea and like to pursue this as my second career. What are the initial first steps I need to take?

I did. I built several apps and with my last one I raised personally a $1.2M seed investment with an european Venture Capital seed.

I studied design management and learnt how to build a tech team and lead them as a product manager.

I built these projects from the first prototypes, A/B tests, fund raising, user growth and traction based lean models.

The first step is: validate your app idea on the web before even building the app.

Contact me if you need all the details about the exact steps I followed, will be happy to help !

Answered 4 years ago

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