I am an advertising entrepreneur running my own studio the last 4 years. We hit $1,00,000 last year. Now I would like to dab my hands in the tech space - a mobile app. I have an idea and like to pursue this as my second career. What are the initial first steps I need to take?

It's important to differentiate what is and isn't tech.

For example, AirBnB is not tech.
It uses a bit of technology, very basic and simple, to support a business.

Likewise, most mobile apps are so simple they can hardly be called technical.

However, there are also startups which do require serious tech knowledge (which you can either have or get from me / another tech advisor), like ebay, paypal, amazon, rackspace, ... companies which require an important investment in technology to exist.

In your case, I would say take some time to figure out what you need, try some quick prototyping with a good web developer, using android:chrome on a mobile phone and when you're 100% positive that's the app you want, get a beautiful skin from a professional designer and ask for it to be made in native code, publish and see how it fares.

Answered 4 years ago

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