I am an advertising entrepreneur running my own studio the last 4 years. We hit $1,00,000 last year. Now I would like to dab my hands in the tech space - a mobile app. I have an idea and like to pursue this as my second career. What are the initial first steps I need to take?

Are you great at storytelling, to communicate your message to match what your audience desires?

Are you good at sales & marketing?

Can you lead people?

These and more are skills a non-techie can make powerful use of as an entrepreneur. Many a tech has started a business, only to discover the customers did not come just because they built the better mousetrap.

In your case, I'd recommend learning about coding projects, so that you don't get taken advantage of: what is a beginning, middle, and an end for such things. Find a coder who can explain in plan English what he's doing. Be eager to learn about coding and development, though.

And most importantly: Find a problem people actually want solved. Don't just make something because you think it's cool. You can try that later. Right now, find out what people will pay you to fix. Let them invest at a discount to fund the development. Get paid to make the thing.

Answered 4 years ago

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