I have built lead generation systems for Finance/Healtech/Fashtech/Mooc companies.

These are my favorite tools !

- Smartly.IO (In case of FB Ads world domination strategies)
- (Fast,user friendly)
- Zoho SalesIQ (Great live chat, the best in the market)
- Base CRM (Funnel based CRM,smart and friendly)
- Optimizely (Perfect for small tests)
- Luckyorange (Optimize everything on landing pages)
- Privy (Popups are back, incredibly better geo based conversion rates)

For emails
- Mailchimp Automation (for well tested A-B tests progressions)
- Intercom (for a more direct one to one contact)
- (for a super customized A-B test strategy

To actually apply them in the best way in your acquisition funnel let's plan a call.

Answered 4 years ago

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