I developed a unique software that solves a particular problem. There is interest in the product and sales are ok. But when I approached (at least 10) gurus who speak or write about that topic, offering an affiliate link or just for their opinion. Not one responded. So i am thinking that my email must be wrong or there must be is a specific way to approach them.

Start of explaining how you solve a problem, say something unique that shows you know who they are (no form letters) and then ask if they are interested in a demo. If they want more information, tell them another way their audience would benefit (as all podcasters want to be seen as the person who helped their audience benefit) and then mention, oh, and we also have an affiliate program. Form letters go right in the trash. Also take some time to know who you are talking to.I get asked to promote my competition on a fairly regular basis.

Answered 4 years ago

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