I developed a unique software that solves a particular problem. There is interest in the product and sales are ok. But when I approached (at least 10) gurus who speak or write about that topic, offering an affiliate link or just for their opinion. Not one responded. So i am thinking that my email must be wrong or there must be is a specific way to approach them.

Approach is everything with a thing like that. I would consider calling it a partnership rather than you are looking to have them as your affiliate. First, compliment their website, then ask if they have advertising options available. Then mention you have a revenue sharing partnership available that is working well in a few instances. Another approach is offering to do a "hybrid deal" whereby you pay them a certain monthly fee, plus giving them a commission per sale (which can be lower than what you offer straight affiliates). This could be a good way to show some good faith like you are trying to make them some guaranteed money plus the affiliate commissions.

Answered 5 years ago

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