I have networks and am doing my research now. What I do know is that our both countries, Croatia and Norway, belong to EEA zone while the Croatia is also a member of EU. I would like to be pointed out in which direction to research further. Should I dwell into customs? Local market? Transportation rules and laws? Thank you!

Based on your information, I suggest, you really need to study all aspects if you want to export to Norway.

But at first, I would suggest you start from your target market research, you should make sure the market conditions first and make sure, how is best for you to export there. Directly, using some mediators etc.

After you know market and you have made the calculations about what prices you could get and what would be the profit, then you can go further and make sure all other related aspects, like custom questions ( norway in not in EU and exporting there is differeent than exporing to EU)
also transport and requirements for your product you need to make sure.
Best luck!

Answered 3 years ago

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