Hi everyone! I am running an ICT outsourcing company in South Eastern Europe for almost 2 years now. It has been profitable so far with a good steady turnover. Mostly, our clients are one-two person startups or small companies with low budgets for the development who need complex web solutions. I want to scale up the company. We have a really great team over here and sometimes I feel we should be working on more exciting projects. Lately, we are trying to create partnerships with ICT companies who would like to outsource some of their development and we have some success with that. In fact, we managed to cut the development costs for one of our USA partners for around 60%. I am sure we can provide huge value to companies like that but in the first place, it is so hard for us to find them and almost impossible to get in touch with them. My questions are - what marketing methods we should use in order to get in touch with companies like that? How should we prospect them? We tried cold emails but it didn't work the way we expected it. If our target market is Silicon Valley, how could we promote our services? Does anyone have experience with scaling up outsourcing companies? Thanks in advance!

It's simple: You need to be where these companies are. What magazines and blogs are the decision makers reading? What social media sites do these decision makers use every day? This is pivotal research that must be done first. Then, you can provide advertisements and marketing tactics in the channels that these people use.

I would blindly guess that maybe some print or online ads, as well as LinkedIn leadership articles and online ads could possibly be effective. Look at what trade shows these companies attend and find out how much it would cost to sponsor one of those events. There are many things you could do.

If you have questions or would like help with these tasks or if you'd like a free project estimate, please contact me!

Answered 4 years ago

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