I have an idea for a startup that I want to pursue. It's rooted in a problem I really want to solve, but I want to make sure before diving in, and devoting time to it, that it's viable.

You're smart to want to research the idea first. Start by validating that the problem is actually a problem people want to solve. Like Shaun said that takes getting out and talking to people. I'd recommend not asking "would my idea make your life easier?" People are overly nice and they love to say "Yes, of course." Also, try strangers over friends for the same reason. My most recent startup came from standing in a grocery store aisle and talking to random people about the choices they were making and why.

If you validate a problem, then you move on to brainstorming the possible solutions - very important to ignore solutions until you know the problem. Don't try to find a problem for the solution you have in mind.

Once you have the problem and the solution, then you can develop a quick MVP and see if it gets traction/buyers.

If you can hit all those steps, you might have something worth pursuing. The process takes a month or two, but that's a lot better way to start than building something and trying to force it on people. I've tried that - didn't work.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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