I have a great qualitative press release and I'd like to submit it. First of all, I would check free results. Could you suggest any resources?

Paid option:
Do a paid press release on

Free options:

1) To respond to reporters that are looking for content related to your product, subscribe to HARO ( and check it daily and respond to relevant requests with information on your product.

2) To actively pitch your product story to reporters, first find the right ones:
A) In google type in keywords relevant to your product.
B) Click on the 'news' category
C) filter the results by 'recent' or 'blog'

Some journalists cover a particular topic, others cover particular region. Find the ones in each category relevant to your product.

To contact them, look them up on Linkedin, Twitter, etc. In your correspondence, make sure you show them that you've read what they've written about in the past and describe your product and how it's relevant. They need reads / hits on the article to get paid, so make sure to frame your story in a way that would help them do that.

If you'd like more specific advice on how to frame your product for particular stories, etc. let me know,


Answered 6 years ago

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